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Posted on 22:01 - 2011/01/17

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Please reserve a place for me.

17 Jan 2011

Posted on 10:08 - 2011/03/28

Ming has shared our dulan retreat experience on this website and I like to use it as a platform for some exchanges on what does a retreat mean to us; to coaches; to professionals and to any individuals.

– Who wants a retreat and Why?
– What elements will inspire you?

I wrote below message when I went for a retreat few years ago and I found it still applies on me in responding to the above two questions.

Every Retreat could only be once in a life time (一期一會). In the retreat, we do very much the same things as when we are at home – walking, sitting, eating, sleeping and etc. – except we learn to do them with quietness in group, with an awareness that we are doing it with love.

We will eat every meal together. Eating meals could be a practice of gratefulness. We can try to offer our presence for every meal, to realize that many elements, such as the rain, sunshine, earth, air and love, have all come together to form this wonderful meal.
Wake up in the morning, we pray in the quietness. Knowing there are 24 brand new hours before us. Will you vote to live fully in each moment and look at beings with eyes of compassion and love?

Stillness and quietness are opt to observing during the retreat. This is very purifying towards our life temptations and hurts. We allow the stillness and the calmness to penetrate our flesh and bones.

Deep relaxation leads to a transparent reflection. Allow ourselves to rest in both the body and mind. Let the whisper of the wind to touch our hearts to recall our life purposes, to resonate our compassion and feeling of reconciliation with our surrounding and our inner self.

To begin anew is to look deeply and honestly at ourselves, our past actions, speech and thoughts and to create a fresh beginning within ourselves and in our relationship with others. Recognizing others positive traits allows us to see our own good qualities as well.

When we return home after the retreat, we feel connected and blessed. How do we pave forward this experience?

I decided to talk to at least three people about my expereince in the Dulan Retreat and from there to carry on a conversation on “Who wants a retreat and Why”……….

Posted on 21:49 - 2011/03/31

I enjoyed the retreat very much! It not only gave me a lot of quiet time to connect with the natural surroundings, the stars, the moon and the Pacific Ocean, but most importantly to connect with my inner self. I sometimes felt “oneness” during the stay! It enlightened me that once one uses open, embracing and loving attitude to connect, one feels resonance in response. After I got back from the trip, I also intentionally leave a lot of quiet time to myself for reflection and connection with my inner self and the universe. I feel calmer and more insightful to different matters in life.
Surely, I also had a lot of fun for the activities designed by Mia and Scott. I learned that once I don’t care about the outcome and other people’s comments, I can upleash my potential in my body and my voice.
The night lying down facing the stars in the sky and going back to the resort lit and led by the full moon’s light is so special and peaceful. The moon and its moon river were incredible memory in my life!
Thanks for Ming, Ping and her team for arranging this wonderful retreat, to give me such an incredible memory and inner peace!

Posted on 09:25 - 2011/04/07

I have told Michelle Kwok about my experience in the Dulan Retreat and she feels interest in it and asked me lots of questions. Thanks this website, she is sensing Dulan by checking up the photos here.

I sent my thank you note to Mr. Huang through his website notice board. He is so kind to have replied me.

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