Angela Spaxman
Posted on 10:44 - 2011/05/02

The retreat location was just perfect, I loved it. It was comfortable, decorated and maintained with great care, including the extensive gardens, paths and shelters full of interesting plants, birds, bugs and other animals. For this reason, the silent retreat part of the weekend was very pleasurable and memorable to me. It felt like such luxury to have some hours to wander aimlessly observing myself and observing nature around me. I also thought the simple, natural quality of the food was very appropriate and everything seemed to have been prepared with extra care. A few flowers added to the plate made it so beautiful. The welcome bag of goodies on our beds when we arrived some such a lovely surprise and made my room mate and I realize immediately that we were in for a very special weekend.

Some of my favorite people were there, some fellow coaches who I have known for many years and who touch me with their authenticity. And about half the people were new to me, also coaches who had come to the retreat for essentially the same reasons as me. So it was a wonderful combination and I felt so comfortable. It’s special to meet people from a different place and culture who we know immediately as friends. The guidance from Ming and the other facilitators made it easy for us to do what we wanted: to be ourselves and connect with each other.

The program also gave us plenty of opportunities to play together and in nature. The fishing trip to the beach especially was so much fun. None of us knew what we were doing and it was just fine to get wet unexpectedly, get sand in our shoes and try our best working together. I also really enjoyed the dancing, moving and singing activities in the big round wooden gazebo.

I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking for a short get-away in simple, natural surroundings where you can really rest, rejuvenate, feel loved and supported and learn something new about yourself.

Thank you so much Ming. Your care showed through in every bit.

    Posted on 17:51 - 2012/08/29

    Dear Ming,(As I don’t have your email, hope you don’t mind that I leave you a message here.)What a plaseure to meet you and Mr. Zhu last Saturday at Taitung! And it’s such a sweet surprise to know that we are both Malaysian!From first sight, I was inspired by your positive energy, without knowing that you are the author of RippleCards, the cards I love to share with my friends!Thanks for your hospitality in showing us around your beautiful home at Dulan. Taitung is always the place I love to go for relaxation and recharge of energy, hope we have chance to meet in Taitung again!Please send my regards to Mr. Zhu as well. Since I joined the Ayurvedic Trip to India arranged by Aveda 6 or 7 years ago, Mr. Zhu is always a master of life that I try to learn from. And Aveda has been the place that initiated all my passion in yoga. Certainly I will take Mr. Zhu’s encouragement to continue my yoga practice and take the trainer program soon!Keep in touch!Alicia

Posted on 13:55 - 2011/05/07

Hi Angela, thank you for your feedback. Your comments inspire me to do more to share this wondeful experience with more people. There are so many amazing personalities here who are creative in designing the life they choose to live. Please come back soon and we can create more magic together for more people. Ming

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